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Providing platform for all Salons, Beauty Parlors, Unisex salons. Book appointments for salons sitting at home, choosing services according to preferred date & time and visit salon.

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Safe to visit

All our AWBLO salon partners follow every safety measures and sanitize regularly

Flexible Schedule

Experience the new way of salon visits, with your scheduled appointments

Salons within Reach

Choose Salon within your surroundings. Book appointment and visit the salon

Value Money

Affordable service prices for everyone

Reserve Salon Seat

Book your services according to your preferred date, time & reserve your salon seat

Special Offer

Get Best Discounts, Offers & Coupons

about Us

AWBLO is a Salon Appointment Booking App. AWBLO provides all the details of Men Salons, Unisex Salons and Ladies Parlors in your surroundings, where you can choose best salon by checking ratings, prices, facilities, discounts and more. Choose the services you wish to get and book an appointment according to your preferred date and  time and visit the salon. Best part is we reserve your seat for your booking time and  can make payments at salon after services done.. AWBLO assists with all details of your booking including guiding directions to chosen salon. 

AWBLO offers best discounts by Coupon Codes. AWBLO gives you reasonable prices compared to usual salon prices. You can change the services even after visiting salon.

We value your time, so no more waiting at salon for your turn. Just book with AWBLO. 

Avoid Waiting for Best Looks

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